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About us

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of Tango Shoes” 

Our  company started about 5 years ago and we have been growing ever since. Through our beautiful materials, using trendy as well as basic colors and removable comfort footbeds we always find a great match between trends and classics with a feminine touch. Together with a good price, we never focus on a particular age-group, but more on a type of woman. A woman that is not trying to cross boundaries, but just loves a trendy, well-designed shoe with a good fit.
The team of Tango Shoes consists of 9 people, including our own development, marketing, customer service, sales and warehouse area. Every day we make sure we implement our Tango view in everything that we do. This means we take into account a great quality and price, but also good wages and working conditions for the people manufacturing our products. All of our products are produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal and we always make sure no fur is used in every collection we make.
If you still have some questions regarding our products or our company, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@tangoshoes.com.